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Chemical Pump Guide

Chemical Pump Guide

At TS Pumps, we understand the variety of chemicals and their applications, we know one Chemical Pump doesn’t fit all and that’s why we have a full range of pumps available to handle your individual needs, including our bespoke systems for those trickier installations.

The Chemical Pumps in our range are perfect for handling aggressive or corrosive liquids, at whatever temperature you need. We also understand that handling these kinds of fluids requires the highest safety so please read through all the options below for what additional safety features we can offer. If you have any questions, get in contact with the Sales Team who would be happy to talk you through your options.

What pumps would we recommend for chemical use?

Below is a list of pumps from our range that we recommend for pumping chemicals.

Positive Displacement Pumps


Diaphragm Pumps HDPE and PTFE Barrier Pump


Our HDPE, PTFE and Metal Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for use with chemicals.

Our HDPE/PTFE AOD Pumps are perfect for handling aggressive chemicals because the body is machined from solid block HDPE or PTFE which means it is strong enough to withstand mechanical forces and aggressive chemicals.

Both our HDPE/PTFE and Metal Pumps can be delivered as ATEX rated for use within hazardous environments. ATEX rated PTFE pump is ideal for pumping applications such as solvents.

ATEX Diaphragms: ATEX HDPE/PTFE Diaphragm Pump / ATEX Metal Diaphragm Pump

Chemical Applications: acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents, latex, emulsions.


Low Pressure Peristaltic PumpPeristaltic Pump

The design of our Peristaltic Pumps is ideal for use with chemical applications due to the hose being the only part of the pump that comes into contact with the product being pumped.

We supply hoses with a high chemical resistance that are ideal for operations involving chemicals. Visit our Hose Accessories page to find the right hose for your application, for help with this, please contact our Sales Team.



We have 4 types of Peristaltic Pump within our range:

Chemical Applications: Acids, PVDF latex, alcohol, soap, non-aromatic solvents, chemical dosing and petrochemical.

Find out more about Peristaltic Pumps in our Peristaltic Pump Guide


Flexible Impeller Pumps Flexible Impeller Pump

Flexible Impeller Pumps are ideal for unloading tanks and drums. Our Flexible Impeller Pumps can be fitted for a variety of installation requirements, including Gearbox Drive and Mechanical Speed Variation with Inverter Drive.

Chemical Applications: water-based glues, emulsions, glycerine, wax, rubber latex, photographic processing liquids, paints, industrial discharges, polyelectrolyte.

Find out more about Flexible Impeller Pumps and a list of benefits over at our Impeller Pump Guide

Screw Pumps

Our Self-Priming Twin Screw Pump is perfect for the chemical industry, the pump can be used for a variety of applications including CIP, SIP and dosing of chemicals. Twin Screw Pumps have been designed to incorporate the best of Lobe, Peristaltic, Centrifugal and Circumferential Piston Pumps.


Centrifugal Pumps


Small Industrial Centrifugal Pumps Industrial Centrifugal Pump

Industrial Centrifugal Pump

This Industrial Centrifugal Pump is perfect for mild chemicals and can be ATEX rated for use with flammable fluids like petrol and diesel.

The pump has high mechanical and corrosion resistance.

Chemical Applications: acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents, shear sensitive products (latex and emulsions), chemical waste products.

Magnetically Driven Centrifugal PumpMagnetically Driven Centrifugal Pump

Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pumps are ideal Chemical Pumps because the motor is attached to the pump using magnets, this prevents damage being caused to the pump in the event of a leak.

Chemical Applications: transfer of chemicals from storage tanks to smaller containers.

For more information on the range of Industrial Centrifugal Pumps that we supply, visit our Centrifugal Pump Guide


Large Industrial Centrifugal Pumps: Salvatore Robuschi Centrifugal Process Pump - Salvatore Robuschi

Salvatore Robuschi Centrifugal Pumps are designed with you, the customer, in mind. Each pump is custom-made to your application and installation requirements.

Custom design options include:

Chemical Applications: waste removal, transfer

Please get in contact with our Sales Team for more information on our Robuschi range.

Chemical Pump FAQs


Mobile Decanting UnitCan I make pumping chemicals safer?

YES! At Tapflo UK we can install your pump onto our MDU (Mobile Decanting Unit). MDUs are perfect to ensure safe transfer of chemicals. The unit comes on a trolley that can hold containers of 20L, 25L or 205L and comes with a pneumatic batching controller.

Many of our pumps can be delivered as trolley mounted, including our Peristaltic Pumps, so please let the Sales Team know if you require this for your installation.


Can I detect a pump leak before the chemical leaks into the environment or comes into contact with humans? Guardian System for Diaphragm Pumps

Yes, we have a couple of options that can help. All Diaphragm Pumps in our range can be fitted with a Guardian System which will detect the flow pressure inside your pump and stop your pump from running if the pressure drops, indicating a leakage. The system can then send a signal or sound an alarm for your engineering team to check the pump.

Another option is a Barrier Pump which detects a pressure drop caused by a ruptured diaphragm. The product being pumped will be blocked by the backup diaphragms in the pump and the pressure drop stops the pump immediately. This stops the air valve system from being contaminated by the product.

Our Barrier Pumps are available in HDPE/PTFE and Metal.

Similarly, our Peristaltic Pump range can be supplied with a detector in case of a hose rupture.


Are you pumping a chemical and require some help or advice on which pump you should be using?

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