High Pressure Peristaltic Pump


ALH High Pressure Peristaltic Pump

We supply this reliable and robust ALH High Pressure Peristaltic Pump is ideal for those industries requiring high pressures of up to 15 Bar and high flow rates for transferring of liquids. This pump holds a capacity of up to 150 m³/hr. These pumps are also equipped to handle hard solids.

This pump can be simply installed, once done maintenance is easy and extremely low cost. For example, the High Pressure Peristaltic Pump Series has been designed for easy wheel dismantling, achieved by unscrewing an expandable hub, quickly and easily, unlike our competitor’s pumps that are complex to assemble and disassemble, slowing down the maintenance of your pump and the downtime for your business!

Hoses are manufactured from high quality compound rubber which is then reinforced with, up to 6, layers of braided polyamide to ensure perfect compression every time.

The Hose Liner can be manufactured from a choice of 7 different materials for a range of industries. These include Natural Rubber (white marking), Viton/FKM (purple marking) or Hypalon/Synthetic Rubber (blue marking), to name a few.

Optional extras for the pump include, and are not limited to, heating coils for fluid temperature maintenance, trolley mounted, special coatings and casing materials for extreme applications and various drive options, such as Diesel driven or Hydraulically driven. A full list can be found on the Hose Accessories page.

For additional information on the full range of Peristaltic Pumps that we supply, head over to our Peristaltic Pump Guide.

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