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Dewatering Pump Sets

Application Guide: Dewatering & Sewage Pump Sets

Sewage Pumps are an effective solution for wastewater applications as they are non-priming and offer high solid handling capabilities.

As of 2020, TS Pumps have been in partnership with submersible pump company Hydrainer, offering Stage 5 Diesel Driven BBA Pump Sets for hire.

There are two different mobile pump sets in the range:

Both have been rigorously tested by a team of sewer specialists on various discharge projects in Holland and both exceeded expectations.

BBA Sewage & Dewatering Pump as Dewatering & Sewage Pump Sets

Sewage & Dewatering Pump


Features across the Diesel Driven Pump Range (sewage pumps)

Not only are the pumps in this range highly efficient, they also offer:


Pump applications

Due to their high solid handling capabilities, the Hydrainer Submersible Pump sets excel in the following industries:


BA 100K Pump

The 4” dry self-priming sewage and dewatering pump is the best performing mobile pump against a pump of equal status. A single-cylinder Stage V diesel engine with DriveOn® technology guarantees minimal fuel consumption and long service intervals of 1500 hours.

The B100K utilises a Stage V Hatz 1D90Z DriveOn® diesel minimising fuel consumption and requires 65% less maintenance. Stage V engines are 94% lower in Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxides than that of the first Stage I engine introduced in 1997.

The Hatz 1D90Z engine is the highest performance single-cylinder diesel engine in the world, whilst reducing the fuel consumption to 1.4 l/h at 1500RPM (BEP) meaning it’s the most efficient pump in its class. Fitted with a 220L fuel tank and running at 1500 RPM (BEP) you can expect to achieve a total running time of 157 hours per tank of fuel. Similar 4’’ pumps used in these types of applications use an ‘average of 4 times more fuel at their respective BEP’s than the Hatz 1D90Z. The BA100K pumps up to 110 m3 per litre of fuel.

The BA 100K is built to be deployed in the most demanding dewatering and sewage bypassing environments. Using high-efficiency pumps and market-leading engines, the BA100K offers a Max. Flow of 190 m3/h and Max. Pressure of 22 MWC at minimal running costs in comparison to other pumps on the market.


BA 150KS Pump

The BA 150KS 6” pump is the leading mobile pump for the strenuous contractor market. This Stage V diesel driven unit comes fitted with the highly-rated and unique KS screw channel impeller. The solid handling capability is 100mm making the BA 150KS the perfect solution for all sewage, trash, and dewatering applications

The BA 150KS features the Hatz 3H50TICD Stage V engine. Hatz took a ground-breaking downsizing approach in the development of this engine. The outcome was an extremely compact, turbocharged, three-cylinder diesel engine that set a benchmark in performance classes – whilst maintaining the perfect balance between dynamics, quiet combustion noise, low pollutant levels, and economy.

BA 150KS performance & features:

BA150KS was built to handle the most challenging conditions, and this is where the KS impeller really shows its worth. Following a well-known corkscrew concept, the KS impeller can work at higher speeds, will not vibrate when a lot of air is being pumped and will pass 100mm solids. With the focus of always maintaining consistent, reliable, and efficient operation, these 6’’ pump units feature a 100% mechanical diaphragm priming system. Capable of quickly priming and re-priming even from dry conditions.

The MP50 diaphragm pump has an air handling capability of 50 m3/h (30 CFM) to achieve a max. vacuum of 8.5 meters. Exploiting the use of a diaphragm priming system eradicates the risk of oil carryover found in Vane and Venturi style primers used on other pumps in the market. Using high-efficiency pumps and market-leading engines, the BA150KS offers a Max. Flow of 490 m3/h and Max. Pressure of 41 MWC at minimal running costs in comparison to other pumps on the market.


Hatz 3H50TICD Fuel Economy

Due to a revolutionary design process, the 3H50TICD has the lowest weight and consumption values of any other engine in its class. Fitted with specialist technology in fuelling and after treatment systems the 3H50 further reduces its carbon footprint by utilising; electronic fuel injection (EFI), diesel particulate filter (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The results show in testing, with the BA150KS achieving 9 l/h at best efficient point (BEP) running speed, or 33 hours of running time per tank of fuel.


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