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Paint Pump Guide

Paint Pump Guide


The term ‘Paint Pump’ can cover a wide range of paint, print and varnish liquids, but that’s nothing to worry about as TS Pumps have a pump to handle almost any paint applications and liquid consistency.

Paint Pump Applications

Below is a list of typical paint pump fluids:

What Paint Pumps can TS Pumps offer?


Flexible Impeller Pump Flexible Impeller Pump

Flexible Impeller Pumps are ideal for viscous fluids involved within the print and paint industries such as paint, ink, latex and water-based glues. These pumps are perfect for viscous fluids due to their operating principle, which utilises rotating flexible impellers that bend to fit the pump housing. The impellers trap fluid between them to push the viscous fluids forward.


Low Energy Air Pump


LEAP (Low Energy Air Pump) Technology has been designed in the UK and is now sold globally. LEAP Technology has a reduced energy consumption compared with standard Diaphragm Pumps on the market, reducing the standard from 1.2 to 0.2 Bar.

Reduced energy consumption is achieved by reducing the operating air pressure. This, paired with the design of the LEAP centre section and LEAP air valve technology, achieves lower pulsations during operation. For even lower pulsing, a LEAP Pump can be fitted with an Active Pulsation Dampener, available in our Accessories range. This is ideal for installations that require a Paint Pump to produce a smooth flow. For example, LEAP Technology has been used in a factory to spray paint products; for this, a pulseless flow was required to ensure the distribution of paint across the product was even.

This revolutionary technology can reduce your company’s air consumption by up to 70%! Want to know more? Give our LEAP experts a call on 01244 980 545


PTFE Coated Diaphragm Pump

We can supply a HDPE & PTFE Diaphragm Pumps as a Paint Pump but we also supply a PTFE coated Metal Diaphragm Pump that has been developed with the printing industry in mind. This pump is coated with PTFE for applications where Aluminium is not chemically resistant enough and is also a low-cost alternative to the HDPE/PTFE Diaphragm Pump. However, for Paint Pumps handling highly aggressive chemicals, we would still recommend our solid block HDPE/PTFE Diaphragm Pump.


Peristaltic Pump Low Pressure Peristaltic Pump

The PT Peristaltic Pump is a high-pressure pump that is an excellent choice for a Paint Pump due to the following 3 benefits:

  1. Peristaltic Pumps can dry run without causing unnecessary wear, this means they are a great option when emptying tanks of ink or paint, for example.
  2. Peristaltic Pumps’ pulsating flow produces consistency and accuracy when transferring fluids.
  3. Peristaltic Pumps have excellent dosing capabilities as well as are able to transfer pigments with ease.

With a Peristaltic Pump, you don’t have to worry about your product being contaminated as only the hose comes into contact with the product. For this reason, we ensure that the hose is manufactured to a high standard so that it can handle a large number of applications including those with high acidities. The hose is made of several layers of braided Polyamide that are compressed together for a stronger hose with a long life.

To find out more about the benefits of our Peristaltic Pumps, check out our Peristaltic Pump Guide.


Powder PumpPowder Pump

Powder Pumps can be used to transfer powder paints and pigments. To achieve efficient pumping with powders, the pump is manufactured from Aluminium and has a PTFE coating which reduces the resistance as powder is transferred through the pump.

This Powder Pump is a perfect alternative for companies that do not want or require a large, complex powder system due to this pump being portable and more economical.

For more information, check out our full Powder Pump Guide.


I need the Paint Pump and large drums of fluid to be mobile. Can you help?

Mobile Decanting UnitAs part of the Bespoke Systems that TS Pumps can offer, we have our range of Mobile Decanting Units. These are purpose-built trollies that hold either 20L, 25L or 205L drums and are fitted with a Diaphragm Pump and Pneumatic Batch Controller for control and safety when handling large volumes of product.



If you need a Paint Pump, get in contact with us today!

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