Pneumatic Batch Controllers

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Pneumatic Batch Controllers

Pneumatic Batch Controllers aim to control any AODD pump that they are fitted to and ensure efficient pumping. This is achieved by accurately controlling production and releasing alloted volumes of liquid that are easily repeated.

The Batch Controller allows a batch amount and batch time to be programmed into it which automatically stops the pump when the fixed batch time has passed. This means that the volume of product being distributed by the pump at any one time is easily controlled.

The controller counts and registers the pump strokes through the air exhaust of the Diaphragm Pump, once the pre-set number of strokes has been registered, the pump will stop operating.

The Pneumatic Batch Controller can prevent unathorised adjustments to the batch amount and time by being supplied with an internal mounted control.

Technical Information
Pressure, Bar (TPUK-BP/TPUK-BT) 3-7/ 3-6
Temperatures Up to 40ºC

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