Pulsation Dampeners


Pulsation Dampeners

A full range of Pulsation Dampeners is included below, the range is made up of many options including, being manufactured from PE & PTFE, as well as Sanitary options.

DT Active Pulsation PE & PTFE Dampener

The DT Active Pulsation PE & PTFE Dampener is manufactured from solid block materials, similar to the design of the PE & PTFE Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps. The dampeners can be ATEX rated upon request.

Material Benefits
PE Dampener PTFE Dampener
Abrasive and aggressive liquids Extremely aggressive liquids
Liquid temperature up to 70 Liquid temperature up to 100

table of applications for PE & PTFE dampener


DT Active Pulsation Sanitary Dampener

DT Active Pulsation Sanitary Dampeners are perfect for industries that require a sterile environment. They are designed with CIP and SIP (cleaning and sterilisation in place) which allows an easy and effective cleaning operation.

The dampeners are manufactured from Stainless Steel AISI 316L, for aggressive fluids, to ensure mechanical strength and strong chemical resistance to support your pump. Dampeners can also be supplied with ATEX rating.

The Sanitary dampeners are ideal for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and can be used for the following applications.

table of applications for a sanitary dampener

DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener

The DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener removes pressure variations within pumping operations. It achieves this by supplying extra pressure between pump strokes.

Use of this dampener optimizes the pumps performance and minimizes vibrations.

The compact DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener is supplied in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel AISI 316, for use alongside metal Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps and aids in reducing pump maintenance costs.

If required, dampeners can be ATEX rated.

Table of dampener material benefits

Typical Applications

Workshops: Oil, fat, solvents, water, cooling fluids, lubricants

Print & Paint: Glues, additives, varnishes, inks, paints, latex, acids, resins, pigments

Mining & Construction: Adhesives, Dewatering, Coal Sludge, Pastes

Ceramics Industry:  Abrasives, Glazes, Water, Enamels, Clays

Chemistry: Acids, Alkalis, Alcohols, Solvents, Latex, Emulsions