Sanitary Lobe Pump


Sanitary Lobe Pump

The Sanitary Lobe Pump is the most versatile Lobe Pump on the market. There are 11 pumps within the Sanitary Lobe Pump series that are ATEX rated and EHEDG compliant, this means that the pumps are ideal for hygienic and sanitary applications, particularly for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The Lobe Pump can be altered for your application requirements including being fitted with various sealing options, they can be installed to pipework horizontally or vertically, with cooling or heating jackets, as well as Spring-Loaded or Air Operated Safety Relief Valves.

This Sanitary Pump is compact, with an excellent performance rate, and has the ability for CIP and SIP, which makes it extremely efficient.

Each purchase is delivered with a lobe rotor tool and dummy rotors for easy removal and replacement of lobes and mechanical seals. This reduces the downtime of the Lobe Pump and highlights the ease with which the Sanitary Lobe Pump can be maintained, with the added bonus of low maintenance costs.

Technical Information
Maximum Capacity 110 m³/hr
Maximum Pressure 15 Bar, 25 Bar upon request
Maximum Temperature 140ºC
Maximum Viscosity <1’000’000 cPs
Maximum Solids Passage 60 mm
Surface Roughness <0.8 as standard, 0.5 upon request
Speed Range Up to 1500 rpm
Materials Cast Stainless Steel AISI 316L

applications table for lobe pump

For additional information on the Sanitary Lobe Pump and an example of one in action with chocolate, visit our Sanitary Lobe Pump Guide where we discuss how to maintain a Lobe Pump, how a Lobe Pump works and the benefits of owning one, not just in relation to chocolate!

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