What is a Heating Jacket?

A Heating Jacket is supplied for applications that require a specific temperature in order for a pumping operation to run smoothly. The Heating Jacket can support your pump keeping a product hot or cold, this is typically accomplished through the use of steam or water, but an electrically powered Heating Jacket is also available upon request.

What can a Heating Jacket be used for?

As previously mentioned, a Heating Jacket is used to maintain the temperature of the product within your pump, whether this be a high or low temperature.


One example where a Heating Jacket would be used is for companies pumping chocolate, the temperature of the chocolate needs to be maintained in order to avoid solidifying.


As mentioned, a Heating Jacket can also be used to maintain a cooler temperature of a fluid, for example Petroleum products like aviation fuels need to be kept cooler than their flash point. Another example might be in the Food Industry, when some food products are heated up too much, the rheology of the fluid can change which can affect the taste, these products will need to have their temperature monitored with a Heating Jacket.

The jacket is handy for protecting your pump as it can melt product that has solidified inside the pump from previous action before it begins operating again. This will protect the pump and the mechanical seals from damage.

Which pumps can be fitted with a Heating Jacket?

It is possible for us to supply a range of pumps with a Heating Jacket:

How is a Heating Jacket fitted to the pump?

The Heating Jacket covers all wetted parts of the pump and is welded to the pumps. The medium that maintains the temperature (water/steam/electrically powered) within the Heating Jacket is circulated around the wetted parts of the pump.