Bespoke Systems

TS Pumps’ innovative Bespoke Systems Department was created for the purpose of combining different fluid accessories into one complex unit, skid or system to suit individual customer needs to ultimately supply a bespoke “drop-in” solution. We have a large team of engineering experts on hand to design and manufacture your Bespoke System so whatever you require, we’ll have the solution.

Mobile Decanting Unit (MDU)

Mobile Decanting Units combines one of our Diaphragm Pumps with a Pneumatic Batch Controller and a purpose built trolley which can be fitted with a chemical drum in either 20L, 25L (MDU-20 System) or 205L (MDU-200 System). This is an excellent mobile system for safety and controlling the volume of product dispensed at a time.

Mobile Decanting Unit

Customised System

Here at TS Pumps we want to find the best pump and design for your installation. Our team are here to create a customised design that suits your individual needs, including application, site requirements, budget and time frame. Consultations are carried out and designs are checked by, you, the customer.

Stationary Decanting System

The engineered to order CDU-50 Stationary Decanting System ensures that repeatable batched quantities of chemicals are distributed. This reduces those costs associated with bulk chemical supply. The system can be floor or wall mounted.

Customised Process Unit

The engineered to order Customised Process Unit is designed with all the required equipment for control, monitoring and feedback included. The system has been designed for unloading and flushing.

Integrated Pump Solutions

Integrated Solutions are designed to be joined with existing systems or to execute a specific function that isn’t already catered for within the marketplace.

Trolley Mounted Pumps

The engineered to order, Trolley Mounted Options are appropriate for use with all of the Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps that we supply and able to pump up to 7.5Kw. They are a compact and sturdy unit that can be manufactured with Anti-Static or Pneumatic Wheels, suitable for any environment, particularly those requiring Industrial and Hygienic Standards.

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