Low Energy Air Pump Guide


Introducing you to the Low Energy Air Pump revolution being led by LEAP Technology! Keep reading to find out how we could save you up to 70% in energy consumption.

What is Low Energy Air Pump technology?

LEAP is a revolutionary technology that stands for Low Energy Air Pump, designed to lower the energy required to run an Air Operated Diaphragm Pump, therefore reducing energy costs for a company.

How does LEAP technology work?

Your Diaphragm Pump will work with the same operating principle as a standard Diaphragm Pump, but what sets LEAP apart from a standard AOD Pump is the centre block. This is designed to produce less friction in the air valve, therefore reducing the operating pressure of the pump. The starting operating pressure of an industry standard Diaphragm Pump is 1.2 Bar, when compared with LEAP Technology which has a starting pressure of 0.2 Bar, a significant difference!

Low Energy Air Pump in Plastic

What are the benefits of using LEAP Technology?

  • Can be retro-fitted to other existing Diaphragm Pumps, simply swap out the centre section for a LEAP centre section.
  • Achieving savings of up to 70% when compared to the standard Diaphragm Pump.
  • LEAP records every stroke during pump operation, meaning the technology can be used for batching and can be programmed to shut off when the batch has been completed.
  • Reduced noise pollution due to lower operating pressure.
  • The air valve has been designed with an improved life span, able to run in surplus of 200 million cycles.
  • Can handle thin and viscous fluids.
  • As the pump runs at a lower pressure, this reduces the pulsation in the product output, meaning there is often no need to install a Pulsation Dampener when choosing a LEAP Diaphragm Pump. This is a great benefit for choosing LEAP over standard AOD technology because standard AODs are known for having a harsh pulsation in their output.
  • Reduced downtime as pump cannot stall, which also ensures no risk to the pump.
  • Full control & feedback ensures the pump is more reliable than standard AODs on the market.
  • 24V signal allowing users to turn the pump on and off easily or can be controlled by turning the compressed air off.
  • More efficient priming due to the ball valves being able to settle in the valve seats.
  • Low flow rates without missing out on high pressures.

Plus, all the benefits of a Diaphragm Pump which can be found in our Diaphragm Pump Guide.

What Pumps can Low Energy Air Pump technology be used in?

LEAP can be fitted to PTFE/HDPE, Metal and Sanitary Diaphragm Pumps, and can also be retrofitted to several brands of Diaphragm Pumps.


What applications can LEAP technology be used for?

LEAP Technology can be used for any applications in place of a standard Diaphragm Pump.


Is the Low Energy Air Pump as good as it sounds?

LEAP is sold globally through a network of pump suppliers and has been a success in many places. The technology has been independently tested by a large ceramic manufacturer against a leading Diaphragm Pump manufacturer in America. The pump with LEAP technology consumer 0,103 Nm3/min, compared with the standard Diaphragm Pump which consumer 0,167 Nm3/min. The test informed the company that if they swapped out their 40 Diaphragm Pumps for LEAP technology, they could save around 60% on their energy consumption. Yes, it’s THAT good!

If you think LEAP could benefit your business or you’ve got a tricky application that requires low flow rates, get in contact with the team today!