Water Pump Range


Water Pumps

We supply 3 types of centrifugal pumps from Robuschi’s Water Pumps series. The RN, TS and RAM models are compared in the table below.

RN Model

The RN series is a centrifugal pump that complies with EN 733 standards, the pump can also be supplied as ATEX rated upon request. The pump is appropriate for non-aggressive, clean liquids that don’t contain abrasive solids.

The RN series is ideal for agricultural, civil and industrial industries requiring the follow applications; industrial, heating, cooling, water supply, fire-fighting, air conditioning and circulation.

Technical Information
Closed Impeller Multistage Peripheral Impeller
Maximum Flow 480 m³/hr 200 m³/hr 6.3 m³/hr
Maximum Head 90m 60m 180m
Maximum Temperature 130ºC 120ºC 120ºC
Materials C.I. GJL200 casing,

AISI 430 or 316 shaft,

C.I. GJL200 or Brass impellers

AISI 316 C.I. GJL200 impellers and diffusers,

AISI 420 shaft,

Brass or AISI 316 impellers on request


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