Process Pump Range


Process Pump Range

Our highly reliable and robust Salvatore Robuschi Process Pump is a Centrifugal pump ideal for a wide range of applications. There are a number of models within the range and a table is included below to show you their specifications.

RD and RG models

RD and RG models both conform with ISO 2858 Chemical and ISO 5199 Mechanical specifications. These models are available in 35 different pump sizes, which means they can be applied to a range of industrial applications. These include pumping liquids with aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, high viscosities, high specific gravities or suspended solids.

RC model

The RC model can carry out soft pumping applications containing solids. The pump allows fluid to pass through the pump without it coming into direct contact with the impeller, which avoids damage to large solids within liquids such as olives, peas, beans and seeds.

The RC model can also pump fluids that are composed of 50% concentration of trapped gas

This pump can be used in a range of industries including Food, Sugar, Water Treatment, Biogas Plants, Chemical, Textile & Tanning industries.

Technical Information
Closed Impeller Semi-Open Impeller Channel Impeller Vortex Impeller
Maximum Flow 500 m³/hr 300 m³/hr 2400 m³/hr 800 m³/hr
Maximum Head 140m 95m 70m 60m
Maximum Temperature 220ºC 220ºC 220ºC 180ºC
Materials AISI 316 AISI 316 C.I. GJL250,

AISI 316

C.I. GJL250,

AISI 316

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