Pneumatic Mixing & Emptying System


Pneumatic Mixing and Emptying System

The Pneumatic Mixing and Emptying System (Pneumixer) was developed as a solution for applications dealing with raw materials that would settle and need to be mixed or blended before use, often involving rolling or shaking which added time, expense and mess to the operation.

The Pneumixer resolves issues with conventional mixing that are particularly problematic for ink and paint industries.

The Pneumixer minimises waste by using the delivery container to mix and dispense the product.

This also ensures product handling is enclosed which reduces exposure to workers and the environment, spillages and contamination.

The design improves product handling, as well as, increasing productivity and product life.

To ensure that the Pneumix system is working efficiently, it should be used in conjunction with an Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps from the range that we supply, and we also recommend connecting an Air Treatment System.

SS Version of the system is ATEX rated.

Materials: Stainless Steel AISI 316 & PP (polypropylene). Other materials are available upon request.

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