Flexible Impeller Accessories

Below is our range of Flexible Impeller Accessories, including Hygienic Shrouds and By-Pass Valves.

Dry Run Protection

Dry Run Protection is a sensor used to monitor temperatures within the pump head. It is designed to stop the pump if a temperature higher than 50ºC is detected. The pump automatically restarts when the temperature in the pump head drops back below the pre-set point.

The sensor can be set to 70 or 90ºC if the application requires fluids to be pumped at a temperature higher than 50ºC. For the sensor to be set at a higher temperature, you will need to specify this when ordering.

By-Pass Valves

By-Pass Valves are ideal for pumps with a discharge nozzle or when there is the possibility of dead head during operation. Manual or Spring Loaded By-Passes are available.

Hygienic Shrouds

Hygienic Shrouds are supplied mounted to SS316 Baseplates or trolleys for applications within wash down areas and food environments.

Pumps that are affixed to trolleys come with a standard CE Compliant Control Panel and trolleys are equipped with white food grade wheels.

IRR Centrifugal Sprinkler Kit

The IRR Centrifugal Sprinkler Kit is available in 2 sizes, IRR 50 or IRR 65.

The kit uses the pressure from the feed pump to rotate and creates a drizzling effect which provides quality colour leaching.

IRR Centrifugal Sprinkler Kit Size Suitable pump capacity
IRR 50 100 – 225 hl/hr
IRR 65 225 – 500 hl/hr