Close Coupled Range


Close Coupled Range

HD and HG Models

The HD and HG series is designed to conform to DIN 24256 and EN 22858 standards, it can be provided with industrial flanges (HD/HG) or food grade connections (HDA/HGA).

These pumps boast a simple design and are equipped with IEC standard electric motors.

The series can be used for a range of industries, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, water, waste water and textile industries. The HD model can be applied to pumping clean liquids or fluids containing small amounts of solids in suspension. The HG model is appropriate for pumping viscous fluids, those with solids in suspension or those fluids containing trapped gas or air.

RS Model

The RS model is ideal for pumping fragile, long and fibrous solids, whilst ensuring that the system doesn’t get clogged and keeping the solids products safe from damage. The likelihood of damage is reduced as the pump design ensures that fluid doesn’t come into contact with the impellers.

The RS series has a simple design, with low running costs and conforms to ISO 2858 chemical and ISO 5199 mechanical standards. The design of the RS series is equipped with IEC standard electric motors and allows for CIP, truck loading and unloading, as well as, fruit and vegetable washing. Additionally, the pump is perfect for pumping liquids composed of 50% trapped gas, liquids with up to 700 cPs viscosity or liquids with solids of up to 50mm.

Technical Information
Model HD HG RS
Closed Impeller Semi-Open Impeller Vortex Impeller
Maximum Flow 300 m³/hr 200 m³/hr 100 m³/hr
Maximum Head 55m 60m 60m
Maximum Temperature 120ºC 120ºC 120ºC
Maximum Working Pressure Up to 8 Bar Up to 8 Bar Up to 8 Bar
Materials AISI 316 AISI 316 AISI 316

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