Small Centrifugal Pumps

We offer a range of extremely versatile and reliable small Centrifugal Pumps that combine technology with a strong efficient design. Our pumps feature fewer parts, making them more reliable and easier to maintain. These pumps can be used for a wide range of industrial applications including pumping oils, chemicals and fluids with partial solids. We also offer a hygienic range that is perfect for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. These pumps have been designed to be efficient, simple to maintain and easy to clean. 

Our Centrifugal Pumps are commonly referred to as Impeller Pumps because the key operation relies on the pump impeller converting energy from the motor to the application inside. They are capable of discharging higher pressures and processing higher temperature fluids and are commonly chosen for their high flow rate abilities and energy-efficient design. Our Industrial Pumps can also be ATEX rated for applications needing to pump highly viscous flammable chemicals. The robust internal parts have been specially designed to increase the lifespan of the pump and lower maintenance requirements. We can also modify our pumps for a variety of applications without having to replace the pump. Thus, offering you a bespoke pump solution tailored to your unique requirements and needs.

Please click on the pump images below to learn more about our range of industrial pumps. Alternatively, you can contact our team of Sales Engineers and find out how we can help solve your pump problems. For additional information, please take a look at our comprehensive Centrifugal Pump Guide.

Hygienic Centrifgual Pump

Industrial Centrifugal Pump

Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pump

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

Vertical Immersion Centrifugal Pump