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Twin Screw Pump Guide

Guide To: Twin Screw Pumps

The Twin Screw Pump available from our range is a Sanitary Self-Priming Twin Screw Pump from Pomac Pumps. Pomac are a family-owned company from The Netherlands, specialising in Hygienic Process Pumps supplied to the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food Industries.


What is a Twin Screw Pump?

A Twin Screw Pump is a Rotary Positive Displacement Pump that operates using 2 screws to move product through the pump casing.

Twin Screw Pump

Twin Screw Pump


How does a Twin Screw Pump work?

The 2 large screws within the pump counter-rotate, without touching. They create a vacuum as they pass the suction port, drawing liquid into the pump housing. As the screws rotate past the discharge port, the volume between them decreases which pushes the liquid out of the pump through the discharge port.


What are the benefits of using a Twin Screw Pump?

The Twin Screw Pump is EHEDG certified which is the highest hygiene rating available for a Sanitary Pump. The pump is manufactured from a high-grade Stainless Steel (316L) and is cast rather than welded, which ensures there are no crevices inside the pump that product can get stuck in.

Similarly, the pump is finished with a surface roughness of 0.8 as standard, or 0.5 if requested. As well as the material and finish, the pump has been designed and manufactured with a minimal amount of dead space inside making cleaning of the pump more efficient. The Sanitary Twin Screw Pump can self-prime up to 8m and can dry run for brief periods of time without causing damage to the pump.

As the screws inside the pump rotate but do not touch, they can handle solids up to 60mm without causing damage to the product or the pump itself. The operating principle of the pump ensures that the pump provides a steady, pulsation free flow for those applications that cannot have pulsations in their fluid output.

Twin Screw Pumps can handle high temperatures up to a maximum of 140ºC.


What applications can a Twin Screw Pump be used for?

Twin Screw Pumps can be used for a number of applications, including but not limited to:


Troubleshooting your Twin Screw Pump

If a problem arises:



If you’re interested in receiving a competitive quote for a Sanitary Twin Screw Pump, get in contact with our team today to discuss your business requirements.

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