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Powder Pump Guide

Powder Pump Guide


Did you know a Powder Pump can handle more than just fluids? That’s right, as the name would suggest, it’s also designed for pumping powder for transfer applications. Take a look below, we’ve got all your powder transfer questions answered in our Powder Pump Guide.

Powder PumpWhat is a Powder Pump?

A Powder Pump is a product from our Diaphragm Pump range that, as the name suggests, handles powders.


Our pump has been designed to combat economical pressures and the complex nature of large powder systems. This is achieved by the Powder Pump utilising the simplistic, compact design and operating principle of the Diaphragm Pumps that we supply.

Head over to our Diaphragm Pump Guide for more information on our AODD range.


How does a Powder Pump work? How does a Powder Pump work?

Powder Pumps are driven by compressed air to move diaphragms inside the pump housing. These diaphragms work simultaneously to trap fluid in one side, whilst the other diaphragm will force the same volume of fluid out of the discharge port.

The pump then recycles air leaving the pump through the air exhaust, which is fed back into the pump by the valve balls, diffusing any powder that will collect here as the valve balls open and close.


What powders can we pump?

As a general rule, Powder Pumps can handle any powder as long as the consistency is correct. We test this by saying to hold powder and squeeze it in your hand, if the powder does not clump together, you can use our Powder Transfer Pump.

Powders that clump together will cause blockages within your pump, causing the pump to fail, meaning you’ll need to purchase a new pump.

What are the benefits of using this Powder Pump?

Powder Pump Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Powder Pump hygienic?

Yes! A Sanitary Powder Pump has been developed to be suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries. For example, the pumps can now handle pumping powder applications such as icing sugar with its explosion protection being ATEX compliance.

What is the best installation for a Powder Pump?

We recommend installing the Powder Pump below the powder tank, with a gradual feed of powder into the pump.


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