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Mobile Decanting Unit Guide

At TS pumps we are here to help you find the perfect solution for your pumping requirements, which is why our in-house team manufacture MDU systems, combining different accessory components, to suit your application.

What is an MDU System?

Mobile Decanting Unit

MDU stands for Mobile Decanting Unit, which features a Diaphragm Pump and Pneumatic Batch Controller fitted onto a trolley. This system creates the ideal solution for businesses requiring decanting chemicals in their plant.

Different decanting options

As the basic design of this system can be altered to meet bespoke requirements, there are a lot of different options available including how you require it to be mounted, the size of containers, the type of Diaphragm Pump you require to be fitted to the trolley and additional features such as the hose which can have optional swan neck features etc. Another option is the CDU which is a Stationary Decanting Unit that can be either floor or wall mounted to suit your factory. This system is ideal for those with large IBC units needing to decant into smaller chemical containers. The MDU system, on the other hand, is designed to be manoeuvred around your factory on wheels, accommodating for either 20L, 25L or 205L containers, perfect for unloading and flushing processes. The Pneumatic Batch Controller is fitted to the top of the trolley, typically with a T50 or T100 HDPE/PTFE Diaphragm Pump, although there is also the option to use a metal Diaphragm Pump depending on your applications. The controllers work by producing accurate and repeatable dispensed volumes, which can be started locally or remotely for control over the amount of product dispensed.

What are the benefits of an MDU system?

What components can I have on a bespoke trolley?

We supply all components fitted to your trolley and will arrive as a complete system, ready to use, thanks to our trusted manufacturing team.

If you are interested in improving the chemical safety of your plant with one of our decanting systems, get in contact with TS Pumps today on 01928 333 400.

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