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Low Energy Air Pump

Guide To: Low Energy Air Pumps (LEAP)

Did you know that you could save up to 70% in energy consumption with the Low Energy Air Pump revolution being led by LEAP technology? This guide provides you with all of the information you need on Low Energy Air Pumps.


What is LEAP technology?

LEAP is a revolutionary technology that stands for Low Energy Air Pump. Designed to lower the energy required to run an Air Operated Diaphragm Pump, this pump is ideal for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.


How does LEAP technology work?

Your Diaphragm Pump will work with the same operating principle as a standard Diaphragm Pump, but what sets LEAP apart from a standard AOD Pump is the centre block. This is designed to produce less friction in the air valve, therefore reducing the operating pressure of the pump.

The starting operating pressure of an industry standard Diaphragm Pump is 1.2 Bar, compared to LEAP Technology which has a starting pressure of 0.2 Bar. Now that’s a significant difference that will save you money.


What are the benefits of using LEAP technology?

LEAP technology comes with all of the benefits of a standard Diaphragm Pump, but with the added benefits of:


What pumps can LEAP technology be fitted to?

LEAP can be fitted to PTFE/HDPE, Metal and Sanitary Diaphragm Pumps. They can also be retrofitted to all Dellmeco, Almatec and Tapflo Diaphragm Pumps.

Metal Low Energy Air Pump (LEAP)

Metal Low Energy Air Pump (LEAP)


What industries and applications can LEAP technology be used for?

LEAP Technology can be used for any applications in place of a standard Diaphragm Pump.


Is LEAP technology as good as it sounds?

LEAP is sold globally through a network of pump suppliers and has proven to be successful time and time again. The technology has been independently tested by a large ceramic manufacturer against a leading Diaphragm Pump manufacturer in America.

An example: a pump with LEAP technology consumed 0,103 Nm3/min compared with the standard Diaphragm Pump which consumed 0,167 Nm3/min. The test demonstrated to the company that if they swapped out their 40 Diaphragm Pumps for LEAP technology, they could save around 60% on their energy consumption.


If you think LEAP could benefit your business or you’ve got a tricky application that requires low flow rates, get in contact with our team today to discuss your requirements.

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